Polish Quills stripped peacock quills


If you want the perfect dark banding segmentation of peacock quills but don't want to deal with the tedious inconsistent work of dying and stripping peacock quills, then these quills are for you. Polish quills stripped peacock quills are consistently excellent quality quills from the eye of a peacock feather. They make excellent segmented nymph or dry fly bodies and are very durable when covered in varnish or uv resin.

  • pack of 25 or more feathers
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Jason Apr 26th 2021


High quality product!

Stephen Newman Mar 10th 2021


Perfect for creating a nice, segmented body on nymphs. I agree that they can be brittle, and that soaking them in water before use is a good idea, but another technique I have found recommended, and which I have tried with success, is wiping the entire batch down with olive oil or canola oil, which does not evaporate as quickly. This way they stay less brittle longer, and are ready for use without soaking.

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