Riberfly Barbless Jig Hook 1270BL (50 hooks)

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A very nice upturned point jig hook from Riberfly of Spain.

50 hooks per pack

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7 Reviews

Bill Schimpf Jul 4th 2019

Riberfly hooks

I was stoked when I got these hooks, they looked great, and they’er barbless. Once I got them I started tying up a bunch of nymphs for my trip the next day. I caught a few fish through out the day and the hooks where great they’er shape good hook sets, fantastic. Later in the day I hooked into a large rainbow and the fight was on! The fish peeled off some line and ran a bit. Keeping my rod low and redirecting it as needed. The fish have a few good head shakes, then it got off... Dang it, man, that’s a heartbreaker. Pulled my line up to figure out what had happened. My size 16 Riberfly hook has just about straightened out. This was a trophy fish about a 20 inch maybe a bit more. Nobody want to lose a fish like that and usually when I do it’s my fault. But, this time it was Riberfly jig hook that let me down. This was the first fish on this fly. I have fished many different hooks, in the past and have never had one do that on the first fish. I’m REALLY disappointed, I had high hope for these hooks. Great price, good quantity, sharp, and great reviews. Why waste the time tying on these hooks, if they just straighten on a fish you want to land them most? Buyer beware!

Scott Apr 18th 2019

Excellent product

Exactly what I needed. Great quality and consistent product.

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