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Scientific Anglers Sonar Stillwater Series Parabolic Sink Line

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The Parabolic Sink line from SA gets its name from the parabola, or "U-shape", the line assumes while proceeding through the water column. This "sweep" style of line gives your flies a unique action relative to all other sinking lines, exaggerating the descent at the beginning of the retrieve and the ascent at the end. A unique line, but one no serious competitive angler isn't reaching for frequently. Give it a try for yourself on your next tough day on the lake, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

  • Based on the popular MPX taper, over-weighted by two line weights for multiple flies and long leaders
  • Features 10-foot and 20-foot textured hang markers
  • Sinking in a U-shaped profile, this line features a Sink 3 running line, Sink 5 head, and a Sink 3 tip
  • Color: Dark Green, Charcoal, Dark Green 
  • Seamless Density technology provides a smooth transition between densities, eliminates hinging, and provides a straight-line connection to the fly
  • Advanced Shooting Technology
  • SA Line ID
  • Shooting Texture
  • Sonar Sinking Technology
  • Welded Loops 




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1 Review

Phil Apr 4th 2020

Buy this line and fish it

The line speaks for itself. Get it. Try it. It's worth the money. The folks here at Tactical Fly Fisher are great and deserve our support. They answered question after question as I tried to choose which sweep line to get. The turn around time was super fast and the line was on my reel in no time. How much info these guys share to make us better anglers is beyond generous. Buy this line and fish it

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