Skafars Neon Wax for brighter sighters


Skafars Neon Wax is a soft wax you can apply to your sighter material to make it more visible or to any tippet to turn it into a sighter. I dab it on with my thumb with a little side to side motion as I slide the leader along. It is exceptionally bright and will help you see a dull sighter a lot more easily at distance. You can also wipe it off easily with a cloth or with a few swipes of your fingers. I generally need to reapply it a couple of times a day to maintain brightness. The wax does not increase flotation so apply some Payette Paste as well if you want flotation.

Application tip: when temperatures are cold it is wise to blow on the wax to warm it and make it soft before applying to the leader. If it is warm, put the wax under the water for a minute to harden it a bit. It also applies best when you trap the tippet/leader between your thumb and the wax. I carry a small towel with me to wipe the wax off my thumb or the leader.

Made in Slovenia.

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Rod May 27th 2021

Works like a charm

Super easy to apply. Very visible even on 5x. From other reviews I knew to put an old handkerchief in my pocket for any clean up or wipe off, though frankly it was not that messy. I may just skip using a sighter - just tippet and this stuff.

Scott McMahon Apr 9th 2021

Solution to a problem I didn't know I had

This stuff is great! Brightens up my sighter and has made fishing that much easier. Don't know how I lived without this stuff. Be warned it can be a little messy, so you have to exercise caution during application. Other than that A++

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