Skafars Neon Wax for brighter sighters


Skafars Neon Wax is a soft wax you can apply to your sighter material to make it more visible or to any tippet to turn it into a sighter. I dab it on with my thumb with a little side to side motion as I slide the leader along. It is exceptionally bright and will help you see a dull sighter a lot more easily at distance. You can also wipe it off easily with a cloth or with a few swipes of your fingers. I generally need to reapply it a couple of times a day to maintain brightness. The wax does not increase flotation so apply some Payette Paste as well if you want flotation.

Application tip: when temperatures are cold it is wise to blow on the wax to warm it and make it soft before applying to the leader. 

Made in Slovenia.

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12 Reviews

NVFly Jul 15th 2020

Great stuff

Go ahead and try to find an easier way to alter the depth of your ESN rig at will. I bought the green and pink and both glow like fiber optics. Amazing stuff

Paul Terpeluk May 21st 2020

Game Changer

It works great. I got rid of my trusty Biostrike strike putty, as this is basically weightless in comparison, and very easy to see. And I stopped trying sighters, which I always found clumsy to use and tedious to construct. And bye-bye to bobbicators except in windy conditions. I use three colors at once: green, black and orange. I quickly promoted all three to the front holding pocket of my vest where I keep go-to items. I fish about 50 times per year and high stick / Euro Nymph 75% of the time. To me this is an absolute no-brainer revolutionary product.

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