Solarez Bone Dry UV Cure Resin Ultra Thin Formula


This is my preferred resin for perdigons. It dries clear, "bone dry" and hard in a few seconds. It stays glossy and does not require an alcohol wipe for tackiness. It also has a very small brush applicator that can fit into tight spots as well.

This is a 0.5 oz bottle (14 grams), compare to other products offering 4 grams of actual product.

  • Ultra-low viscosity
  • Clear 
  • Glossy, hard finish
  • 0.5 Fl. Oz. bottle with applicator brush.


Warning: less than 1% of users have reported an allergic reaction when using this particular resin  

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11 Reviews

Brandon o Jul 10th 2021


This stuff works great!

Jason Apr 26th 2021


One of the better resins I have used!

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