Stonfo Elite Rotodubbing Twister

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This has become my primary dubbing loop tool. The Stonfo Elite Rotodubbing Twister allows you to create a dubbing loop, spin it and wind it with ease because the wire loop aspect will cock 90 degrees and give you room near the vise to easily wind on your formed dub or hackle loop. The Rotodubbing Twister has ball bearings for quick and smooth spinning and the wire loop has just the right amount of tension to make forming and winding a dubbing loop as easy as possible.

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3 Reviews

Jeff Sep 18th 2021


I'm new to tying flies (2 months as of this review). I first purchased a different dubbing tool that had a single hook. No complaints. Then I saw this one on a YouTube video I was watching. After I watched him use it a few times, I decided to take the plunge.... meaning the cost. It's been totally worth it for me and I've had it less than a month.

Dane Jan 17th 2021

Stonfo Elite Dubbing Twister

This thing adds like 5 horse power when your tying. Super smooth easy to use has a really nice weight to it that helps hold the material in between the transition getting it in the dubbing loop and then spinning it up. A little expensive and the thread holders are fragile but take care of it and it does great work.

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