Sybai Foam Ant Bodies

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A soft foam cylinder with a white post specifically designed for ant bodies or parachute posts. Each post has a white or orange foam cap on both ends so two flies can be tied from each post. These are the posts which my friend Lance Egan uses on his Bionic Ant that has been a favorite large dry fly of his for years.

Suggested hook sizes: 16-14 for 2.8 mm, 10-12 for 4 mm, and 6-8 for 5 mm

6 posts per package that will tie 12 flies. 

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Sybai foam ant bodies *

1 Review

Jim Wilkins Oct 13th 2018

Sybai Foam Ant Bodies

I regularly look a fly tying videos from folks like Devin or Lance Egan and these were featured on an Egan tie of his Bionic Ant. Ants are a staple in my boxes and this looked like the ticket to have another version that works. Tied up a few of #16's and cut the foam in half. Exactly what I was looking for (and can see in the water).

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