Tactical Fly Fisher 1.5 mm tippet rings

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These are top quality stainless steel tippet rings.
 I use them on the leaders I tie for the shop and for my own fishing.

Pack of 10

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7 Reviews

Jamie J Apr 25th 2019

Tippet rings are great!

Should look into packaging them onto a small snap ring instead of plastic bag so they don't fly all over the place.

Mark spitz Apr 7th 2019

Tippet rings 1.5 mm Tactical Flyfisher.

These are my favorite and I have tried several. They are very light and large enough to accommodate Cider plus tippet. The only problem is that they are so light and small they can easily fall out of the bag and get lost. But that negative is well worth everything else. Just be careful with them

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