Tactical Fly Fisher Coq de Leon (CDL) Imported From Spain

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We went direct to the best breeders in Spain to bring you top quality Coq de Leon feathers at a reasonable price! 

The barbules on these feathers make the best material for tails on nymphs and dry flies. Their sheen gives a highly natural, insect-like quality and the shades of corzuno or indio allow you to provide an imitative, mottled accent to your flies.

  • Achoncado: Barred
  • Dark Corzuno: Darkly mottled
  • Light Corzuno: Lighly mottled
  • Flor de Escoba: Ginger motted
  • Indio: Dun
  • Indio Rubion: A ruddy brown or furnace color
  • 12 feathers per pack


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9 Reviews

Stephen Newman Feb 22nd 2021


TFF always has what I need with lots of selection. High quality feathers at a great price.

Mike Jan 27th 2021

Good Stuff

I’ve used three other brands of CDL and these are the best. Nice color and good stiffness. Well worth it.

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