Tactical Fly Fisher

Tactical Fly Fisher Coq de Leon (CDL) Imported From Spain


We went direct to the best breeders in Spain to bring you top quality Coq de Leon feathers at a reasonable price! 

The barbules on these feathers make the best material for tails on nymphs and dry flies. Their sheen gives a highly natural, insect-like quality and the shades of corzuno or indio allow you to provide an imitative, mottled accent to your flies.

  • Achoncado: Barred
  • Dark Corzuno: Darkly mottled
  • Light Corzuno: Lighly mottled
  • Flor de Escoba: Ginger motted
  • Indio: Dun
  • Indio Rubion: A ruddy brown or furnace color
  • 12 feathers per pack


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10 Reviews

Ahren Jul 26th 2021


CDL is of good quality, and shipped quickly. Great for all my nymph tail tying needs

Stephen Newman Feb 22nd 2021


TFF always has what I need with lots of selection. High quality feathers at a great price.

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