Tactical Fly Fisher Coq de Leon imported from Spain

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We went direct to one of the best breeders in Spain to bring you top quality Coq de Leon feathers.

The barbules on these feathers make the best material available for tails on nymphs and dry flies. Their sheen gives a natural quality to the fly and the shades of corzuno or indio allow you to provide an imitative accent to your flies.

12 feathers per pack

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6 Reviews

Boden Nov 11th 2019

Great Coq at a great price

I've been using Coq from other major distributors for a few years now, but I can honestly say this Coq is now my favorite. The fibers are longer/straighter than the other brands I've tried and that makes them easier to work with at the vice. Not to mention good color selection and fiber dying.
What's more, I've found the price here is better than any other I can find making it a great bang for your buck.
High recommended if you are looking for some good tailing fibers!

Michael Nov 3rd 2019


At first these seemed expensive for feathers but they are surprising worth the purchase. The durability of the fibers are quite high, withstanding multiple fish with wicked sharp teeth. The fibers are rigid and rebound quickly when stroked. The color combinations look more bug like when compared with other fibers I've used. I'll still tie with pheasant and synthetic fibers but I really enjoy these feathers.

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