Tactical Fly Fisher Countersunk Tungsten Beads 50 pack in Gold, Silver, Copper, and Black nickel

$7.25 - $9.25

Our proprietary countersunk tungsten beads! The most consistent beads we've found in terms of weight, finish, hole-size, etc... Consider these beads to be the 'lightest' of the three bead styles we offer (countersunk, slotted and inverting). You should be tying with these beads if you want a lighter weight pattern, if you're tying on a 'normal' style hook or if you don't want your flies to have a jigging action or to 'invert' while sinking.  

- 50 beads per pack

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19 Reviews

Scott May 11th 2021

Tungsten Beads

This is what I have been looking for. Hands down better than what I've been tying with. TFF beads are indeed consistent in outer diameter and slot/hole size. They are also finished well without sharp edges that cut or nick thread and the finishes are durable. 50 packs? Thanks Devin!!

M. Osborn Nov 25th 2020

Tungsten Beads

These are great tungsten beads, and a great buy at this price. These are some of the most uniform beads I have purchased.

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