Tactical Fly Fisher countersunk tungsten beads 50 pack in gold, silver, copper, and black nickel

$7.25 - $9.25
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Top quality countersunk tungsten beads.

50 beads per pack

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9 Reviews

Larry Oct 7th 2018

Tungsten Beads

You won't find a better price than this. I use one of these tungstens and a few wraps of lead-free wire to eliminate any need for pinched-on weight. The tungstens are the right weight to get down quickly on the edges of current, but seldom snag; I simply catch more fish on nymphs tied this way. Right price, right result.

And, I would add, I've been just as happy with the other products I've bought here. A bonus: they deliver their products quickly (typically the day after I purchase product) with low shipping cost, and they inform you as soon as the product has shipped.

Tactical Fly Fisher has its act together.

Don Aug 20th 2018

Great quality and value

Like the slotted tungsten, I'm scratching my head over how I'm getting 50 high quality tungsten beads for a hair over 7 bucks! For instance, another very large, well known company (which i think is great, for the most part) currently sells their countersunk T beads for $3.75 per 10 through most online stores! That's 18.75 per 50 (Devin's packing quantity). Hold TFF's beads next to theirs, and there's no difference in quality. none. TFF has found a way to offer a great product to fishermen who use a lot of T beads, and I for one am grateful!! I can tie a lot of a particular pattern without feeling like I'm "spending" up all my T beads. Thx TFF!

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