Tactical Fly Fisher Countersunk Tungsten Beads 50 pack in Gold, Silver, Copper, and Black nickel

$7.25 - $9.25

Our proprietary countersunk tungsten beads! The most consistent beads we've found in terms of weight, finish, hole-size, etc... Consider these beads to be the 'lightest' of the three bead styles we offer (countersunk, slotted and inverting). You should be tying with these beads if you want a lighter weight pattern, if you're tying on a 'normal' style hook or if you don't want your flies to have a jigging action or to 'invert' while sinking.  

- 50 beads per pack

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18 Reviews

M. Osborn Nov 25th 2020

Tungsten Beads

These are great tungsten beads, and a great buy at this price. These are some of the most uniform beads I have purchased.

Bob Oct 20th 2020

Wow Probably the best tungsten bead deal going

These are quality tungsten beads. I measured some compared to a well known distributors tungsten beads and these are better in finish and machine quality...and a tiny bit heavier. The weights are consistent where they weren't on the others. And its a great deal for 50 bead packs.

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