Tactical Fly Fisher European-Nymphing Leaders


Custom European-nymphing leaders built to my specifications and tied by me.

Available in three diameters of butt section and sighter/indicator to suit your individual water and style.

Cortland bicolor sighter and a 2mm tippet ring on the terminal end.

25 feet long. This means you will need to cut it to a legal length if you are fishing in FIPS Mouche regulated competitions.

Each angler has their own preference for European-nymphing leaders based on the water they fish and their individual style. The leaders I am offering here are the leaders I personally use. They are each designed with specific purposes in mind. The formulas are based on my own trial and error combined with what I have learned from my Fly Fishing Team USA mates and other international anglers. To help you pick which leader suits you best here are my recommendations.

Thin leader:This leader has a 20 lb butt and 0.013" diameter Cortland sighter. It is best for upstream tuck casting presentations, heavy flies, or for beginning anglers if you have never Euro-nymphed before as it is the easiest to cast of the three formulas. I also use it for light dry-dropper rigs and for heavy three nymph rigs for steelhead. It sags more than the other formulas with light flies at a long distance.

Thinner leader: This leader has a 15 lb butt and 0.012" diameter Cortland sighter.It is an all around Euro-nymphing leader. I use it for both up and across the current presentations. It sags more than the Thinnest leader at distance but less than the Thin Leader.

Thinnest Leader: This leader has very little sag at distance even with the lightest of flies. Therefore it is very good for achieving dead drifts with across current presentations. However, it does not transfer energy as well as the thicker formulas so it does not cast as easily, especially with a dry dropper or in windy conditions.  

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Tonny Muda Nov 20th 2019

Excellent leader!

Recently switched to primarily Euro-nymphing and more recently switched to mono-rig style and bought TacticalFlyFisher's euro nymphing leader and thoroughly enjoy it. The leader is excellent - I had it in my primary setup for a few months and now setting up my backup outfit with the same leader as well. The only thing that I miss from my old RIO euro-nymph leader is the opaque butt section above the sighters - I found that to be more visible than the chameleon in this setup.

Shane Walsh Nov 1st 2019

Perfect Leader - Thinner

I purchased a thin model earlier this year after I received Devin's book. As described it was sagging quite a bit with smaller flies while using an up and across approach and dry-dropper fishing. I recently purchased the thinner model, and the sag is nearly eliminated while fishing both methods. The thinner model is now my preferred leader with almost all my trout wade fishing, using a 10'6" 3 wt while dry-dropper and tight-line nymph presentations. Can't recommend it enough, stiff enough to turn over bushy dries and supple enough to accurately present nymphs and detect strikes.

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