Tactical Fly Fisher inverting tungsten beads. 50 pack (gold, silver, copper, black nickel and unfinished)

$8.25 - $12.00

50 beads per pack

Turn any hook into an inverted jig hook with these tungsten inverting tungsten beads. Because the weight is offset, hooks invert during the drift. I've had very good success using these beads on straight shank nymph hooks. They reliably turn the fly upside down which reduces snags and leads to more fish being hooked securely in the upper jaw. They also are heavier than equivalent sizes of slotted or countersunk tungsten beads because less of the bead is removed to accommodate the hook.

See the hook and bead chart in the product photos for information on matching hook size and bead mass.

The process for attaching them is:

  1. Slide the bead onto the hook with the concave (recessed) side facing to the rear of the hook. Leave a gap between the hook eye and the bead.
  2. Put 3 or more wraps of lead wire behind the bead.
  3. Put a drop of superglue in front of the bead.
  4. Invert the hook and slide the lead wire and bead forward. Jam the lead wire into the recess and the superglue will hold the wire and bead in place.


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Tactical Fly Fisher Inverting Tungsten Beads 50 pack Silver, Gold, Copper, and Black Nickel Color *

19 Reviews

Tom Welsch Dec 26th 2020

Silver Tungsten beads

Excellent quality - consistent size and appearance, clear and uniform silver surface; and they're less expensive than comparable products from other suppliers.

Doug Ruecker Nov 29th 2020

Inverted Beads Catch Fish

I just placed another order of these inverted tungsten beads. I have been fishing with these over a year now - and they are my first choice, go to tungsten. Don't know if they make the nymph ride inverted (I can't see under water), but I know I hook and land a ton of trout on these beads. I like the way they increase the hook gap. I use Devin's recommendations on how to tie them with a little lead wrap and super glue. Mostly use with #14-18 hooks. For my streams, my favorite is the Silver 3.0 mm. The 3 mm can even work on a #18 Firehole 633.
Give these a try - you won't be disappointed. Biggest bang for your buck in tungsten beads.

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