Tactical Fly Fisher Slotted Tungsten Beads 50 Pack Fluorescent Orange, Pink, and Chartreuse

$7.50 - $13.00
( 2 Reviews )

50 beads per bag. 

These are top quality tungsten beads  at a great price with small slots to increase weight.

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2 Reviews

John Jan 30th 2019

Great beads

I’ve not had a problem using these for magneto stones or on my own bead head version of an egg sucking leach.

Tanner Jan 18th 2019

Unusable as is.

These are junk. They won't even go onto the hook. The front hole is not large enough to accommodate the diameter of the hook, yes they are the right size. I'm tying the magneto stone on a Hanak 970 BL size 8 with a 3.8mm bead, just like the video. I didn't realize I would have to ream and deburr these beads just to fit them on the recommended hook.

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