Tactical Fly Fisher Slotted Tungsten Beads 50 Pack Metallic Colors (olive, pink, light pink, orange, purple, coffee, shiny brown, rainbow)

$7.75 - $9.75
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50 beads per bag. 

These are top quality tungsten beads  at a great price with small slots to increase weight. This light pink shade is the color that competitors seem to be so crazy about these days.

We label the beads the size that they actually are while most dealers just round them up to the half mm size. What that means is our 2.3mm bead is another seller's 2.5mm and our 2.8mm is another seller's 3mm bead etc. Slotted beads are great for jig hooks but I also use them for straight shanked hooks as well. By inserting lead wire into the slot you can offset the bead to increase hook gap and the hold of the hook while also inverting the fly in the water. The colored beads allow you to add an extra flare or a hotspot to your flies. The 3.8mm beads fit into the FIPS Mouche measuring device so you'll know you're legal if you fish in FIPS governed competitions.

See the hook and bead chart in the product photos for information on matching hook size and bead mas


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9 Reviews

Boden Nov 11th 2019

High quality; good price

Many of the other brands of slotted beads I've used are inconsistent; having sharp edges, inconsistent slot sizes, etc. I literally just tossed a 10 pack from a different manufacturer in the trash due to sharp edges on the beads that cut my tying thread every time when wrapping against the bead.

Not these! So far these beads have been very consistent in terms of their quality and color. No sharp edges, clean slots, etc. and they come at a good price!
My only gripe is that not all the color choices are shown in the pictures for the beads on this site.

Keep up the great quality and I'll keep ordering them!

Danté Nov 4th 2019

Great combination of color and slotted to boot.

Great colors and really contrast well with tons of materials. I think you’ve hit a home run with the 50 bead packs.

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