Tactical Fly Fisher Ultra-thin Foam Slot Fly Boxes

$7.50 - $8.50
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These are the perfect foam slot fly boxes to divide your flies into visible categories and stack a bunch of boxes in a small space. They are very light so they don't add a bunch of weight to your pack that is likely already there from tungsten beads. Not a ton of loft so beware if you're trying to store tall dry flies larger than sz. 14. The small box makes a great working box for the day or a competition.

The small box holds 104 flies in its 5"x 4"x 0.5" frame.

The long box holds 164 flies in its 7.25" x 4" x 0.5" frame.

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3 Reviews

Michael Mar 5th 2021

Perfect Box

Exactly what I was looking for to hold my small nymphs and jigs. Very well built, easy to use, and perfectly sized slots for insertion and removal of flies.

Ron Davidson Mar 17th 2020

Tact Flyfisher Ultra Thin Flybox

I wanted something light, clear so flies are visible for use as a “ day box” on the river. Works fine for most nymphs, but too thin for dry flies smashes them and ruins their profile.

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