Tactical Fly Fishing: Lessons Learned from Competition for All Anglers by Devin Olsen


This book describes the tactics and techniques which I have learned since I started competing for Fly Fishing Team USA in 2006. Each of the copies sold through the Tacticalflyfisher.com store are autographed by me.

Here is a list of the chapters in the book:

  • Making and Adjusting a Plan Based on Observation. In this chapter I explain the variables that I observe when I arrive at the river which help me decide where and how to fish.
  • Gear and Rigging. What you read is what you get in this chapter where I detail the rigs which I use in and out of competition.
  • Euro-Nymphing: A Competitive Break Through. In this chapter I write about my history learning and using European-nymphing techniques and what makes these techniques so effective in so many circumstances. 
  • Entergy and Currents: Where and Why Trout Hold. In this chapter I take a slight detour into the world of my former profession as a fisheries biologist. Simply put, there are reasons why fish occupy certain water types throughout the year. This chapter is meant to help you pinpoint locations where to fish more quickly and confidently. 

Most of the rest of the chapters investigate different water types and how I approach them to maximize my success. At the end of each of these chapters is one or more case studies where my friends and I fish a stretch of a certain water type and I explain the tactics we employed to be successful. The water type chapters include:

  • Pocketwater
  • Riffles
  • Runs
  • Pools
  • Glides
  • Bankside Lies

The last chapter provides photos and recipes for some of my favorite fly patterns. 

  • Published by Stackpole Books.
  • Copyright 2019 by Devin Olsen.
  • Hardcover
  • Total length is 212 pages.
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18 Reviews

Michael Yamrick Jun 7th 2019


Incredibly insightful, with very good explanations of techniques and breakdowns of water types. Would recommend to anyone looking to better understand this style of fishing

John Nesheim May 18th 2019

Comprehensive, Insightful, Fun Read

My fears and trepidations were quieted by the DVDs and book. Practical and clear, extraordinarily helpful. I say that as a 76 year old geezer and life-long fisher, who has read, watched and been guided by the best (I’ve been very fortunate). As a fellow author, I found the writing style crisp and refreshing, no nonsense yet colorful, fun to read. The DVDs were exceptionally well done, standouts. I especially found the on-the-water scenes insightful, clarifying a lot of the mystery about Euro nymphing.

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