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TFF Fly Patch Protector

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An innocuous piece of equipment that I am never on the river without. Allow your flies to dry before putting them back in your box to avoid hook rusting, store bugs for quick access in between spots and have a tangible track-record of the days pattern selections. This model has a removable leaf allowing the angler to swap fly selections quickly or put it on the dashboard of your truck for extra quick drying! One size fits all.   

- 3" x 2" x 1/2"

- secures to vest or pack via 2 safety pins (one horizontal and 1 vertical)

- removal insert allows the angler two switch out fly collections if desired


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2 Reviews

Dan Brown Jul 31st 2021

TFF fly patch

Great concept, but needs some help. I had a similar experience as the previous reviewer with the pins not staying glued to the patch. Fortunately, I had read his review before using it. I pulled the pins off, cleaned the residual (crappy) glue with acetone and superglued the pins back on. I am happy to report that I used it on a two long days on my favorite NH river this week and the superglue held. other than the crappy factory adhesive, this thing is great. It holds my goto flies right where I need them for quick changes. No more losing barbless flies off my foam patch and my used flies can dry out even in a rainstorm.

Adam Sep 23rd 2020

TFF pin on fly patch

Searched high and low for something like this and I was pretty happy when I found it in stock at TFF. Worked well and fit where I wanted it on the front of my chest rig. I can’t give it a higher rating because the first time I used it the pin popped off the back of the patch. Best guess is the adhesive failed. Luckily I was using it at the time so it was in hand and I avoided floating it down the Weber River. Hopefully the superglue fixes this from happening again.

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