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The same qualities that made the original Contact such an exceptional rod have been refined in the Contact II to create an unparalleled trout catching tool. The Contact II recovers faster and dampens quicker than its predecessor making for a much more accurate and sensitive rod. The updated guide spacing eliminates line sag and aides in fighting and landing fish. All rods come with a down locking reel seat unless requested in addition to a complete array of top-of-the-line componentry.

There is no other rod on earth like this, it is the ultimate fly rod for the technical trout angler.  


Here's what T & T has to say:

 After nearly three years of design and development, T&T is excited to announce the release of the highly anticipated Contact II series! Contact II rods are a fully redesigned second generation of T&T’s Contact rod series.

Contact II blank construction utilizes five different types of premium quality carbon and fiberglass fibers, bound together by our proprietary aerospace resin system. Aligning these fibers at strategic angles as we roll Contact II blanks improves accuracy, sensitivity, and strength. Components have been carefully selected to maximize performance and comfort. Improved guide spacing moves a “Low Rider” style stripping guide to the butt section of each Contact II, which decreases line sag from the angler’s hand to the first guide.

  •  Increased backbone power to improve hook sets and assist landing larger fish
  •  Optimized guide spacing with lowered stripping guides to decrease line sag between the hand and first guide 
  • Extra dense premium Flor grade cork grips increases feel and bite transmission
  • black downlocking hardware as standard with T&T’s trademark roll stamped logo and burled Black Ash spacer
  • Black  RECoil single foot snake guide 
  • Black hook keeper and winding check
  • Black “Low Rider” style stripping guide keeps line tighter to blank for improved strike transmission and accuracy
  • New low-profile rounded fighting butt for balance and comfort
  •  Stealthy brown and olive thread wraps.
  •  1086 Contact, primarily designed for migratory fish has a full well grip and larger diameter uplocking reel seat as standard configuration.
  •  Uplocking reel seat option available at an additional $25 charge on all other models.
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2 Reviews

Phil F Jul 30th 2020

T&T contact 2, 3wt, 10 9

Great rod, I have a love the old contact 1, but this rod is even better. Very sensitive,, extremely accurate and loads even easier than the contact 1. Noticed that it had more ability to fight big fish better. I want to try a 3 WT WF line and cast dries and streamers. It an all around great rod.

Chris Jul 22nd 2020

Amazing Rod

This rod (10'9" 3wt) is an absolute dream on any river. I fished this rod for five straight days when I first got it on everything from smaller freestone streams to a fairly large tailwater and this rod really exceeded my expectations. I've been fortunate enough to fish several nice top end rods in the past but here's a few things that really stood out to me. First off is the recovery speed of the rod which is second to none and really helps with casting accuracy and managing control at the start of your drift. The quality of the cork handle is much nicer than I've seen on many other rods, even other high end models. And finally I didn't think it'd really matter to me but I really like that the first guide is noticably lower/closer to the handle than I've seen on any other nymphing rod. It really helps to eliminate sag but most importantly helps with line management immediately after the cast. I really can't say enough about this rod and I can't wait to get this thing back out on the water and fish it for a long time to come.

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