Tungsten Jig Bugger (multiple colors)

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For all you micro-streamer fisherman out there. Tied by Fulling Mill.

Note: Black is currently not available in size 14. 

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Jig Bugger colors *
Hook sizes 8, 12, and 14 *

1 Review

Jonathan White May 20th 2019

This fly just fishes really well

Love this fly. I am using the size 10 here in New England. You can dead drift this fly, you can strip it back like a stream, you can use it in a multi-fly rig. So far it has caught rainbows, brown and brook trout. The water here in New England has been a bit high and faster than a normal spring (lots of rain over the past 6 months). This fills the gap between a big nymph and a micro-streamer. Also the hook is very sharp and holds fighting fish well.

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