UTC 70 Denier Thread

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UTC 70 denier has long been one of the 'standard' threads for fly tiers around the world. Unlike Uni or standard Veevus threads, UTC is a floss, allowing the tier to tie with it 'flat' yielding very slim and smooth bodies or (by spinning the bobbin) the tier can tie with it 'round', making it stronger but less smooth. This versatility, along with their expansive array of unique and vibrant colors, has long made tiers choose UTC as their preferred thread.

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1 Review

Al Agelwei Sep 16th 2020

Don’t overlook this

I’ve been asked to review both the 70 denier and the 140. I have experience with both, so I’ll lump them both into one review. I have a lot of experience with both, so here it goes. The number one complaint about this thread is that it frays. It does, but you can get by this problem easily. Two steps. Keep your hands AND fingers moisturized. This keeps ruff fingers from fraying the thread. 2nd, if you don’t need it flat, spin your bobbin clock wise to cord the thread up. This makes the thread stronger and less prone to fraying. Spin bobbin counter clock wise to uncord it before whip finishing. One last tip, DON’T NICK THE THREAD ON THE HOOK POINT!!! This thread wraps so flat because of its micro filament structure, which is why it is the best thread for Perdigon nymphs hands down.

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