Veevus 16/0 Thread

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I have a distinct preference for this thread when tying my small nymphs. I've found it to be stronger than their 14/0 for some reason. Thread is the most important thing to consider when striving to tie flies that are "thin to win" - Devin

Veevus threads made the American fly tying market redefine what a 'small thread' really was when they hit the scene years ago. With most tiers stopping at 8/0 for their smallest flies, thread sizes like 12/0 14/0 and 16/0 radically changed what was possible with small hooks. Veevus threads, in all their sizes, are always close at hand for us when we're tying. 

Veevus threads are extremely strong for their size and come in a fantastic array of colors. Their smaller sizes make "thin to win" flies a piece of cake and give you a lot more breathing room working on small hooks, whether you're tying dries or nymphs.

- 100m of thread per spool 

Here's what Veevus has to say:

"This is possibly world’s thinnest and strongest Non-GSP tying thread! The breaking strength on the Veevus 16/0 is around 430g, which makes it as strong as Benecchi’s 12/0 and even UNI’s and Gudebrod’s 8/0!" 

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6 Reviews

Jeremy Sep 19th 2020

fire orange flouresces really well.under uv or in sunlight

The flourescence is my favorite thing about this thread, this makes great hot spots. in 16/0 it is pretty tender and It needs both practice and a good quality bobbins to use, The old style cheap metal ones will not work on this... thread has virtually no build for little flies, be gentle, with practice, this will work well for tiny flies.

Adam Moldovan May 16th 2020


Thread is useless. Snaps way too easily. Even trying to baby it, I'm unable to tie wraps around a hook.

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