Veevus 8/0 Thread

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Veevus has made a recent splash on the US tying market for good reason. It is a strong non-bound multi-filament thread which allows foreasy control and extra tension when needed. One of the best strength to diameter ratios I've found in a tying thread

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2 Reviews

Jim Wilkins Jun 13th 2018

Veevus 8/0 Thread

I have started using Veevus threads because the seem to be much stronger relative to thread size and come in sizes that seem as small as Spider's silk that resist breaking when under tension. I use the 8/0 to build thread Pheasant Tail's for the quicker body build up without so many wraps. Also use Veevus down to 16/0 for very small flies.

Jeff S Feb 6th 2018

Great Thread

My local shop only carried UTC so it’s what I started with. After purchasing Veevus I reach for it first. It’s stronger and doesn’t fray as easily. Pricing is great and it was in my mailbox quick.

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