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The Nymphmaniac is an excellent choice if you're looking for a mid-price rod that performs like a top-of-the-line model. It's quickly garnered a cult following here in the states, and for good reason. The Nymphmaniac is phenomenally light and dampens surprisingly quickly given the price point it occupies. This fast-dampening nature makes your casts more accurate and gives you incredible control over your drifts. The performance of the Nymphmaniac sets it apart from the crowd in our minds but its flashy chartreuse accents and clean, unpolished, blank physically set it apart from any other rods in our quiver. The Nymphmaniac is, relative to other 'euro' rods, medium fast action.

You can find a more in depth review of the rod by Simon Scovadope of Trout and Co at this link " 

  • Medium fast action
  • Four piece rods
  • Single foot guides
  • Last guide before tip top is a small snake guide to prevent line tangling around the guide
  • Grey, round Cordura  rod tube
  • 11' 3wt comes with green, foam fighting butt 

Here's what Vision has to say: "Nymphmaniac rods have been designed together with some of the best competition anglers in Europe including Jarkko Suominen, Cato Monsen, Jan Kubala and David Ferreras. Nymphmaniac meets the requirements of the most demanding anglers within a reasonable price range. These rods have been designed to be as light and as easy to handle as possible. The blank dampens immediately after stopping when casting, which is extremely important for sustaining proper contact and a feel for light nymphs.


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8 Reviews

Chris Nov 5th 2021

3.5/5 - Good choice, for the price point

Very light rod that is well-balanced with zero shoulder stress after fishing all day. The rod is so light that I would rate this rod a line size down. The 4wt is very much a 3wt both in sensitivity and fish fighting capability. Does work reasonably well as a dry fly rod, in a pinch. In comparison to the original Cortland Euro rods and others at this price point, it's a fine choice. Personally, I find the rod to be far too tippy for me. The lack of progression limits the rod's sensitivity unless you are fishing very long, very light rigs and strictly mono. If you fish French or Spanish rigs and rely on sighters, not a problem. However, on western freestone streams with heavier flies fished Czech style, this would not be my rod of choice.

Ollie Bassett Oct 5th 2021

11' 3wt Nymphmaniac

Very nice rod. Light, responds well and is good for thin tippet and light nymphs. The price to performance ratio is probably one of the best available, with the rod fishing as well IMO as many of the top end rods available. I snapped the tip of mine whilst fishing, and Devin/Connor and Vision were excellent to deal with to get a new section quickly.

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