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Whiting 100 Packs (dry fly saddle hackles)

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"Whiting is the undisputed king of the hackle world. Their 100 packs are a great way to be able to tie a bunch of flies without sinking a sizable chunk of your net worth into capes and saddles. I've been tying with their hundred packs since they first came out and I have been very happy with them. The length of these feathers make hackle pliers unnecessary until the last few inches." - Devin 


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1 Review

Ray Apr 6th 2018

Whiting 100 Packs

I love these things. You get the size you use the most, and there is very little waste. You pay only for feathers you are going to use. Unfortunately, I understand Whiting is no longer producing them. If that's true, its a real loss.

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